Admissions Policy

The school aims to nurture the following kinds of students.

(1) Students with critical analyzing ability and problem-solving ability for contemporary issues
(2) Students with ability to independently apply their knowledge and re-construct their view for practical uses
(3) Students with profound skills in establishing interpersonal relationships through communication
(4) Students with an empathetic and tolerant adaptability to various cultures

In accordance to the above, the school seeks in our applicants following three aptitudes.

(1) Strong curiosity towards the global society and serious attitude to acquire broad knowledge
(2) Perseverance and rich thought and expression
(3) Empathy and ability to actively interact with diverse people

Aims of Admission Procedures

The aim of each admission procedure component is as follows.

  1. Documentation Review —– All applicants
    Statement of Purpose determines the applicants’ future goals in the ever-globalizing society and the applicants’ motivation in pursuing the goals through the six-year residence at the school. Official Transcript and Extracurricular Records determine applicants’ academic performance.
  2. Essays —– Spring Admission for 1st Grade (7th Grade) Students (Type A) and Transfer Students Admission
    The Foreign Language Essay looks for the ability to logically express opinions based on unique ideas. In addition, Japanese language ability to express opinions based on experience and knowledge will be determined in the Japanese Essay.

    Content he/she comprehends the given task and the data/material.
    a. He / She has a sufficient understanding of the material.
    b. He/She writes in accordance to the given task(s).
    c. His/Her generalized conclusion is supported by specific descriptions and concrete examples.
    d. His/Her opinion is coherent and elaborate.
    e. His/Her essay represents creativity based on original ideas.
    f. Others

    [Grammar/Usage and Expression] Structure : The essay is composed of paragraphs.
    The flow of logic is articulate and easy to follow.
    Conclusion is clearly expressed in the essay.
  3. Aptitude Tests —– Spring Admission for 1st Grade (Grade 7) Students (Type B)
    Aptitude Tests determine the ability to recognize various social phenomena and the problem-solving skills towards various social dilemmas. The problem-solving skills include logical thinking, multilateral interpretation, and persuasive self-expression.
  4. Interview
    Interview tries to elucidate the applicants’ future goals and motivation as well as communicative competence and their knowledge and the mind.

* For Transfer Students, diverse overseas experience and academic backgrounds are taken into consideration. Essays determine the vigor for quest, and the analytic mind. Interviews will determine, among others things, personal features derived from overseas experiences.