Ⅳ Special Education Policy (特別支援に関する方針)


1 Policy 特別支援に関する考え方

Tokyo Gakugei University International Secondary (TGUISS) believes that answering to special education needs (SEN) of students within our school is an integral part of teaching and learning. In order to ensure maximum support for all SEN students, TGUISS appoints a SEN coordinator at the beginning of each school year and all SEN programs will be arranged under the leadership of this coordinator. TGUISS SEN coordinator also belongs to the TGU SEN Coordinators’ Committee, which meets three times a year and upon request to oversee all matters pertaining to SEN across all Tokyo Gakugei University-affiliated entities.

2 Procedure 手順

Students enter TGUISS through the admissions procedures including document review, essay writing and interview.  SEN needs are not considered at the time of admission and all necessary support will be identified after actual enrollment.
Grade level meetings are held every week to identify new SEN students. When a SEN issue is brought up by grade level teachers or any stakeholder of the school, the SEN coordinator will be notified and student guidance division within TGUISS, which meets every week, will carefully study the case. Identification of student behavior that may indicate a need for special attention is based on the handbook published by TGU Center for the Research and Support of Educational Practice. Examples of SEN issues include developmental disorders, truancy, bullying, and unidentified complaints. (Language difficulties are dealt with separately as in Language Policy.) When this division meeting determines that the case should be brought to the attention of TGUISS special support education committee, the SEN coordinator will summon the special committee consisting of school administration, senior teachers, grade level teachers, school nurses and school counselor.
The TGUISS SEN coordinator will then fill in a “SEN coordinator consultation form” to be submitted to TGU SEN Coordinators’ Committee through TGU Department of Affiliated Schools. The TGU SEN Coordinators’ Committee head will set up a supporting team including experts and teachers to compile a support program for each SEN student, ensure proper implementation of the designed program and review the program periodically to support SEN students until graduation.  All staff members at TGUISS will be notified periodically of the identified issues, support program and progress report.
In addition to SEN support, TGUISS has a program to ensure the respect of human rights of students, teachers and staff members.  TGU campus life guidelines are applied to all TGU-affiliated schools to protect all members of school from various types of harassment; including sexual harassment, academic harassment, power harassment and alcohol harassment. A campus life advisor is assigned at TGUISS and complaints can be filed either through the campus life advisor or directly to the TGU campus life committee to be discussed in order to ensure a full investigation and access to legal actions.