Is TGUISS an international school?
No. While the word “international” is included in our school name, we are not an international school. We qualify as a regular public school in Japan that is officially certified by the government.
What languages are the classes conducted in?
The majority of our classes are conducted in Japanese, especially for 1st to 3rd year (Grade7-9) students. Thus, it is strongly recommended that the student have a strong background and fluency in Japanese (the equivalent of a native Japanese speaker of the same age range) at the time of applying.
Do you offer any Japanese language support for students?
We do offer some Japanese language support (JSL) a few times after school for students who are struggling with academic Japanese. However, we do not conduct any basic Japanese lessons for students who speak very little Japanese.
Do you issue visas to admitted applicants who currently live abroad?
Unfortunately, we cannot issue any visas to students.
Do you have any international dormitories?
We do not provide any dormitories for students.
Do you accept transfer students?
We offer a total of approximately 5 to 10 transfer slots per year. We accept the transfer students twice a year, once in April and once in September. The following are all of the transfer slots available for each grade level:
1st year (7th grade): September only
2nd to 5th year (8th to 11th grade): April and September
6th year (12th grade): April only
What is the interview like for the entrance examination?
We conduct group interviews in Japanese to examine the applicants’ purpose and motivation to enter the school, as well as their ability to communicate while being mindful of others. The applicants will be given a topic to discuss within the given timeframe.
In what languages are the interviews for Type A conducted?
Generally, all of the interviews are conducted in Japanese. However, some assistance may occasionally be given in English.
What kind of abilities are required for the Basic Japanese Essay?
The Basic Japanese Essay, which is part of the Type A entrance examination and transfer examination, requires the students to express their opinions on a certain topic, based on their experiences and prior knowledge. This essay also tests the applicant’s Japanese language ability.
How can I obtain the application package?
The application package is updated every mid-September and mid-April, and can be downloaded online from our school website.